mind and body to face adversities

“When the world around you is unpredictable, hostile and adverse, learning how  to rely  on yourself and the sacrality of your vital space is the only mean to survive.”

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This site is for all those who have fallen and want to climb the slope, who have seen or touched the abyss of existence and have felt the irresistible urge to return to the surface and seek the light.

Rebirth is a long, complex and contradictory process that involves knowing how to face defeat, failure, pain and sometimes death itself.

Only through a process of introspection is it possible to redeem oneself by sublimating the miseries of existence.

Redemption to be true must be embodied in our experience and involve our whole being made up of body, soul and spirit.

The “Logos”, breath or divine word, will be able to emanate from our lips as the truth given by the convergence of thought and action.

Locus of control is the attempt to provide cognitive and practical tools to reclaim one’s life with dignity, knowing how to be ready for the small and big challenges of existence.

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